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The Formula

So this week I had to drive down to Indiana with my parents to attend a funeral. On the bright side, I got to meet a lot of people in my family that I have never met before. Also, my mom got to see a cousin of hers that she hasn’t seen in 37 years! I also got in some good knitting time and I got to start my Pinwheel Baby Blanket. More on that when I’ve got more knitted. It was a sad couple of days but I took a few photos that I thought I would share.

This first photo is of “waterfalls” coming out of the limestone down by the Lock and Dam on the Minnesota side by LaCrosse WI:

This photo is of the sunset while we were driving back from IN. I believe this was in Wisconsin:

And this final one is not one that I took personally. My dad sent it to me (I think it was a forward) and the caption on it said “Only in Wisconsin.” I thought it was cute enough to share so here it is:



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