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The Formula

So this week I had to drive down to Indiana with my parents to attend a funeral. On the bright side, I got to meet a lot of people in my family that I have never met before. Also, my mom got to see a cousin of hers that she hasn’t seen in 37 years! I also got in some good knitting time and I got to start my Pinwheel Baby Blanket. More on that when I’ve got more knitted. It was a sad couple of days but I took a few photos that I thought I would share.

This first photo is of “waterfalls” coming out of the limestone down by the Lock and Dam on the Minnesota side by LaCrosse WI:

This photo is of the sunset while we were driving back from IN. I believe this was in Wisconsin:

And this final one is not one that I took personally. My dad sent it to me (I think it was a forward) and the caption on it said “Only in Wisconsin.” I thought it was cute enough to share so here it is:



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For the Goomba hat, I used a modified version of Mark Thrailkill’s¬†London Beanie Hat. I casted on fewer stitches and made it shorter because my friend’s head is very small. Note: Feel free to use any beanie hat pattern you prefer! If you have one that you like better than the London Beanie, use that one instead!

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool (Chestnut Brown) and some scrap worsted weight white and black

Needles: One pair US 7 DPN’s and a US 7 16″ circular (optional)

Also, a tapestry needle and a stitch marker.


Follow your pattern of choice so that you have casted on and knitted 2×2 rib for 1.5-2″.

Knit 1 row.

Now, you can choose to¬†knit the chart or knit the rest of the hat in brown and go back and do duplicate stitch. It’s up to you!

If you choose to knit the chart, it doesn’t really matter where you begin it (as long as the hat is knitted on DPN’s or circular needles). If you choose to knit the hat with a hat pattern that is knitted flat, you’ll need to knit the chart or duplicate stitch somewhere in the middle.

For the mouth, I simply attached a piece of black yarn to the inside of the hat and poked it through with a tapestry needle pulled it over and back down inside of the hat and attached it. SO IMPORTANT: Leave enough slack on the mouth string that when it is being worn, it is taut but not so tight that it is pulling.

If you do choose to knit this hat, send me a link! I would like to see other ones. I made the chart, so don’t steal it. At least link to me. And don’t knit this hat and try to sell it. If you knit it for yourself or a friend, fine. Just don’t try to make any money off of it. Also, no copyright infringement intended to Mr. Mark Thrailkill.

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Take Me to the Riot

This past week I’ve been working on two hats. One for myself (Thorpe) and one for¬†a friend. Her hat was interesting, to say the least. I didn’t feel like knitting all the details so I just duplicate stitched it. Sure, it’s a little messy but I was so sick of looking at brown yarn I could have puked. So anyway, here is a picture of my Thorpe and a picture of her Goomba hat, followed by¬†a picture of a real Goomba (from Super Mario Brothers!!) for comparison:

Goomba Hat (I need to vacuum…. gross! I’m totally on that tomorrow…):

Aaaaaaand a real Goomba:

Sexy, right? I gave it to my friend and she absolutely loved it.

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